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Performance Review: Lights, "Prodigal Daughter"

This review was written by our coach and co-founder, Emma Rowley.

I'm a HUGE fan of Canadian pop artist Lights. Like, a HUMONGOUS FAN! I've been jamming her new single "Prodigal Daughter" and wanted to talk about the song's music video. At Dilemma Entertainment, we don't just help artists prepare for live shows (though that is what inspired us to start Dilemma). We also help artists prepare for music video performances and assist artists while on set! We know how easy it is to get in our own heads when there's a whole crew of people around and a camera pointed right at you while you perform. It's like being under a microscope! Nothing sucks like getting video back and not being happy with the results. We're here to help you loosen up and get the performance your wanting so not a single moment is wasted!

Now, let's get down to business...

First off, can we just take a second to appreciate the awesome colors in this video?! Every detail is also clearly so intentional and we are here for it! *cue the applause*

From a performance stand point, I feel like a theme of this video is "props". She is always doing something with her hands whether it is grabbing the jacket she's wearing in many of the shots, swinging a baseball bat, or holding a freaking snake! Beyond the props, she's always gesturing with her hands. This is a sexy bop and her body language really reflects that. Even as she lays by the pool, she is moving her body and her arms.

I always think that Lights, in her recent music eras, has the ultimate "cool" facial expressions. She is subtle with her face and lets her body do most of the "talking". She exudes true confidence in every way. Hashtag GOALS!

The way her body position shifts between so many of the shots is really engaging. Sometimes she's laying down or squatting to get close to the low camera angle and other times she is standing, dancing. This helps keep the video and her overall performance exciting.

We love this video and can't wait for more, Lights!

The performance deserves a 10/10!

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