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Performance Review: Machine Gun Kelly, "my ex's best friend"

This review was written by our coach and co-founder, Emma Rowley.

If you know me, it's no secret that I'm a big fan of MGK's latest album "Tickets To My Downfall". This Saturday Night Live performance is for one of the songs off that album. I think his performance is GREAT and wanted to break it down...

Okay, so there's something about MGK starting the song with his hand in his pocket that really hits me. The first verse is such a conversation lyrically and his hand being in his pocket only emphasizes that. He doesn't stay in that position long though. His hand motions quickly become a focal point during this first verse section. This very intentional performance decision was an excellent choice since he is standing at the mic stand, giving him the ability to use his hands freely. We want to be engaging the audience/captivating them from the very start.

With his signature pink electric guitar strapped over his shoulder, we are getting a sneak peek at the rest of the performance without even fully realizing it. During the first verse, he isn't playing but seeing it indicates that when he does, the energy will grow. And just as we thought, he executes his first strum across the strings as the entire band suddenly breaks out in a jam section! During this part, MGK breaks away from the mic stand, moving around the stage, totally feeling the music.

If you've ever performed on live television in a studio setting such as this, you know that it is a strangely sterile environment. Without a live audience (that is energetic because these kinds of studio audiences are not), the atmosphere can be a total downer. It's hard to give an energetic performance when there's no one feeding that energy to you by singing or dancing along. But MGK doesn't let the bland studio environment stand in his way. He performs right to the cameras and engages with you, the viewer at home, as if you were in the front tow at his concert.

The live arrangement they put together for this performance is excellent. If you've ever heard the studio recording, you surely noticed the differences! Changing up arrangements like this is a phenomenal way to surprise your audience. Especially your fans that know your song by heart. A new arrangement will only further accentuate your song's nuances. It will give your audience a unique, thrilling, unexpected experience.

Stay tuned for future performance breakdowns from us here on our website! So far, we've only reviewed some of our favorite performances but we will surely be sharing some performances worth critiquing. There is always room to grow as an artist and that's what Dilemma Entertainment is here to help you with! And let us know through our social media if there are any artists or particular performances you'd like to see reviewed.

I give this performance a 10/10!

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