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What is Performance Coaching?

Dilemma Entertainment works alongside recording artists and musicians looking to elevate their abilities on stage, in front of the camera, and beyond. We provide coaching to entertainers of all ages, musical genres, and skill levels to help them accomplish their goals.


We want to be part of your team! Our #1 priority is to help you feel supported and confident in your ability to completely own your brand and artistry.

First Sessions are scheduled as a FREE Consultation

Performance Preparation

From vocal coaching to movement, or even choreography, we aim to focus on all of these very important components and help you achieve the best performance. Whether you are preparing for a specific event/show/live stream, needing some last-minute confidence boosting at a final rehearsal, or looking to improve your skills overall to be ready for future opportunities, we are here to take your performance to the next level.

60 min. Session - $90 or

check out our monthly subscription pricing HERE

TikTok/Social Media

As the power of social media continues to grow, so does the role it plays in the music Industry. It's an amazing tool to help you stay in-touch with your fans and provides a unique avenue for new music lovers to discover you! That's why it is so important to "make every post count". Every video you share of yourself performing is a valuable opportunity to reach thousands of people around the world.


We don't specialize in helping you script/prepare content but we definitely know how to bring out your very best performance!

60 min. Session - $90 or

check out our monthly subscription pricing HERE

Music Videos/Photoshoots

As artists ourselves, we are familiar with the overwhelming nature of bringing your vision to life. When taping a music video or posing in a photoshoot, there Is a great deal of understandable pressure to end up with the perfect final product. We can attend your shoots to help you with wardrobe, posing, facial expressions, and overall confidence!

*Contact to discuss pricing per-hour


An important part of being an artist Is giving interviews. Having a conversation with someone you've likely never met before under the pressure of it being recorded in some way to be shared with others is honestly a little scary!


We can help you prepare by walking through potential questions and giving you the tools to be able to talk about your music as well as your brand in a way that is engaging, personable, and easy to quickly latch onto.

60 min. Session - $90 or

check out our monthly subscription pricing HERE

Monthly Session Subscription...

We now offer 4 pack, 6 pack, and 8 pack session subscriptions! This monthly subscription is on a month-to-month basis, meaning you can cancel at any point and continue with single sessions.

Here's how the pricing works:
4 PACK: $110 per session (what would be $480 total is now $440, saving you $40)

6 PACK: $105 per session (what would be $720 total is now $630, saving you $90)

8 PACK: $100 per session (what would be $960 total is now $800, saving you $160)


  • One time fee 

  • Reduced pricing

  • Priority scheduling (We schedule out your month of sessions at the time of purchase)


Moving forward, if you are interested in starting a subscription at any point, please let us know!

Monthly Subscription Info

What Our Clients Say

Screen Shot 2021-09-08 at 3.11.00 PM.png

MAYLYN, Pop Recording Artist

"Finally performance coaches with a truly personalized approach! Dilemma Entertainment is giving artists the tools they need to grow their confidence on stage. I have always had anxiety over performing live but their uplifting and instructive guidance has reframed my entire approach. I learned more about performing in one session than I have my whole artist experience thus far. This is Nashville’s best-kept secret!" 



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